Terms of Service

Important Legal Agreements

By using our services you automatically accept our terms & policies that may be changes at any time without notification.
CuBeRDP provides web hosting to clients worldwide, and we have a responsibility to protect each client and to provide the best services available. All clients of CuBeRDP are subject to the following terms of service.
Billing & Refunds

We accept Paypal, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments. In case of any disputes we can offer refunds if the reason is valid, due to the nature of business and service maintenance we don't offer any refunds if 24 hours have passed since the purchase.
You are responsible for your backups. We do not make regular backups of every server. There is always a chance of the server being unresponsive or having hardware issues. We are not able to restore files, if for example, the server has any hardware issues. No refunds will be made if you lose your data. Do not use your server as a secure backup solution.

Acceptable Use Policy
We do not allow:

- Anything that can result in Spamhaus listing
- Pishing Sites / Scam Sites (Example: Ebay/Paypal/CC/Password Scam Sites)
- Carding/Fraud Activities
- Netscanning/Portscanning
- Malicious Scripts (Example: orginate DDoS attacks or hack attempts)
- DDoS/DoS Activities
- Any childporn activities or alike
- Botnet/RAT Hosting or Activities

In case of ToS/AUP break CuBeRDP does not provide any backups and terminates your service without any further notice.
In some cases, your Customer Account might also get closed along with your other active services.


For any questions call us: +1 251-616-4849