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Every order is deployed automatically 5 minutes after payment confirmation.


$8.00 USD Mensual

Prime RDP

$15.00 USD Mensual

Supreme RDP

$25.00 USD Mensual

Why Choose us !

9 Reasons why StarkRDP is the best RDP Provider

Fast Support

Our dedicated support team helps you out in almost every case via our ticket system.

Fast & Reliable

Our whole service has a modern infrastructure and we promise you an uptime of 99%.

Super Easy to Use

No installation or setup needed after buying. Simply login with your received login details and you are ready to use your server.

100% Privacy

Every RDP gets fully deleted after it expires. We dont keep any history.

DDOS Protection

Every Server uses a L4 DDoS Protection to protect your RDP from attacks at any time.

SSD Disks Storage

Almost every server we use is based on NVMe storage to ensure the best experience.

Instant Delivery

Everything is delivered fully automatic within a few minutes and ready to use after your payment.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You are not paying any extra cost for your bandwidth usage. We offer unlimited bandwidth for each product.

RDP can be used by Anyone working from home or traveling who need access to their work computers.
Yes, you can do anything but we advice you do use vpn.
Yes, our virtual windows servers have full admin rights. And every linux machine comes with root permissions.
Yes. Get in touch with our support team in a ticket and request a product upgrade to any package you want.